Monday, April 8, 2019

2019 Pirate & Mermaid Extravaganza Photo Album

April 6, 2019 ~ What a Fun Day! 
Here are a Few Highlights from the Day.

Find the entire Photo Album from InFocus Photo Studio at:  
(Thank you Manny & Grethel!)

*A few pictures are courtesy of Russ Black, 
Tony Ballesteros, Linda Plante and Barb Rock.

The City Marching Band

Los Ponchos . . . Always Great & Always a Crowd Pleaser

The Crowd enjoying the Music

The park has great trees and shade on this side!

Then, just for fun we sorta 
"kidnapped" Melissa (from the SOB Festival) 

. . . and we held her for ransom in Mermaid Jail until her "knight in shining armor" 
came to her rescue and played us a song to gain her release. 
Good sports, these guys!  

We didn't keep her jailed up for tooo long...
Paulani Dancers . . .  The Pirates!
Paulani Dancers . . . The Mermaids

Relaxing in a shaded and grassy park.... kinda cool!
Judges for our Costume Contest
The "Kids" Pirate Contest
That littlest one always captures our hearts.

"Kid's" Mermaid Contest. Such creative hand made outfits!

 The attentive Audience. (Anticipation)

Here come the Pirates....

A few more....
And, a few more.
The Adult Mermaid Costume Contest 

First time we had a Merman in attendance. 

Our artist's and craft vendors are what the 
Mermaid's Market is all about! 
 Thank You to all of the local and visiting artist's who 
are willing to set up at the Mermaid's Markets month after month.
It is a lot of work and we truly appreciate it! 
For this season's April "finale" market, we had about 34 artists joining us. 
We don't have photos of everyone...
But, here are a just a few. 



Amazing Food vendors bringing us 
Cajun & New Orleans Specialties
Most of the Satisfied Frog Crew
The BBQ House Crew
To the Pirate Crew behind the BAR!  

Linda, Shayna and their Crew


Thank you again to all of the 
Sponsors and Supporters of this event!

"That's a Wrap!"
We are so pleased that the Mermaid's Market 
completed a successful 7th season. 
Stayed tuned for any special summer events!
And, we will see you in October! 

Here is the Photo Album from InFocus Photo Studio at:  
(Thank you Manny & Grethel!)

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