Wednesday, April 13, 2022

10th Season Finale: Pirate and Mermaid Fiesta

After a brief break in April, 
there are two Mermaid's Market scheduled for the month of May. 
The first one will be on Saturday, May 7th.

We are happy to announce that the second market in May will be 
our Season Finale Party of the 10th season of the Mermaid's Market. 
The "Pirate and Mermaid Fiesta" will be on the Saturday 
of Memorial Day Weekend: May 28th, 2022.

NOTE: This is the 4th Saturday of May

As readers may remember, the first Mermaid's Market was in December of 2012. By the end of our 2nd season in April of 2014, we had introduced a New Orleans-style Pirate and Mermaid party as the last event of the season. Back in 2014, we had no restaurant vendors and no bar. So, this was the first time we requested a food and alcohol permit from the city administration. We received permission and had a fantastic first Finale Party - including food, music - and we served our first ever Mermaid Margaritas!

The following year, we decided to add live music to the Finale Party. Ever since, we have invited a variety of musicians and entertainers - always keeping with our New Orleans, Pirates and Mermaids theme.

Now, a quick diversion back to 2011 and another memory: The Jazz Festival at Penasco del Sol (was it called Plaza Las Glorias back then?)... well, the point is that in the fall of 2011, they held a Jazz Fest and we were introduced to the super cool and funky sound of the Bad Cactus Brass Band. Soon after that, in 2012 the New Times named them Phoenix’s "best traditional New Orleans brass band."

All these years later, we've caught up with them again!

Their website ( concludes by asking, "Is your event unusual enough to pique our interest?"

Hmmm, of course I had to ask! 

. . . and, we are so happy to announce they will be our special guests at this year's Pirate and Mermaid Fiesta. This 8-piece band from Phoenix - the Bad Cactus Brass Band - will be entertaining us with 3 sets of music throughout the day. Their fun, upbeat sound will be sure to get you up on your feet! 

In addition, the Paulani dancers (polynesian/Hawaiian dancers) and the Cultivarte group with their African-style drums & dance will be entertaining us.

Of course, our 30+ "mermaid" arts and crafts vendors - including artists, painters, photographers, designers and artisans - will have new and unique treasures for you to discover and enjoy!

In the spirit of New Orleans fun, the "Mermaid's Lounge" bar will be serving up traditional New Orleans-style Hurricanes - in addition to our signature Mermaid Margaritas and ice cold beer. We have great lunch choices! El Menche Tamales, Rocky BBQ House with their famous ribs and pork, and other artisanal delights.

As has been true for all 10 seasons, we work with the local administration to present these events for our community. The Mermaid's Market benefits the local DIF organization, which gives assistance to local vulnerable families and children.

Add to the fun of the day and dress up as a Pirate or Mermaid!

Come by the bar, show us your costume to win great prizes!


Don't miss this Season Finale Party!

See you there.