Thursday, December 28, 2023

2024 Spring Schedule

2024 Mermaid's Market Schedule

The Mermaid's Market is in its twelfth season and we have grown significantly over that time. From just a handful of vendors to nearly filling the park with dozens of artists and vendors! We call our artists "mermaids" and they bring new treasures to each market.

We also have several food vendors serving fantastic artisans flavors for you! And, the bar serving artisan drinks using our "Mermaid-entrusted" secret recipes. . . Including our nearly-famous blue Mermaid Margarita, an Italian Margarita and our popular Bloody Maria - with a proprietary recipe of infused white tequila.

The Mermaid's Market is once again working under the "oversight" of the local DIF program. This relationship should allow us a much more successful and efficient process to receive necessary permits for our markets. (For 10 years we had previously worked with DIF to attain the necessary permits for the Mermaid's Market. It should prove to be advantageous to work with their office once again.)

What is DIF? It is a government - and locally supported - entity which offers assorted help to local disadvantaged families, children and older shut-ins. They provide food packets for those who are in need. And daily meals to some of the elderly in the community who are shut-ins for various reasons and have no family support. They also offer some scholarships for schooling.

They also give out toys to local children twice a year.
DIF will have a Bin at each market, collecting
donations of Laundered Clothing and/or TOYS.
Your donations will be appreciated!

Want to become an arts/crafts vendor? Email:

You know what we say: EAT. DRINK. SHOP.
Mark your calendar for every date! See you soon!