Sunday, May 30, 2021

2021 "Pirate Party" was a Success!

Our "Pirate Party" on May 29th turned out to be an absolutely
fantastically fun finale!
We had never planned a market this late into May
and we had a few concerns about the heat of the day.
But, the day was beautiful and the wind stayed at a perfect level.

Even tho it was "warm-ish" 
we did have a few ACTUAL Pirates and Mermaids visit 
while many more "hinted" at their true identity with a pirate eye patch, 
wearing an on-theme T-shirt 
...and even a couple sightings of the authentic mermaid clamshell bra.

Here is our photo album: 
Photos courtesy of Tony Ballesteros, Barb Rock, 
Mary Robson, Carol Oveross and Russ Black 

An early morning to get everything ready! 

Lots of shopping options! 
We appreciate the terrific cooperation of all of our vendors. 
This entire 2020-2021 Season was more complicated for everyone 
with complying with local protocols. 
HUGE THANKS for making this Season a Success! 

See you in October!
2021 - 2022 
Our 10th Season!