Tuesday, August 10, 2021

New Season Coming!


Our 10th Season! 

As of today (August 10th) we are a little less than 
10 weeks from our opening market of the 
2021-2022 Season.

Our first market is scheduled for 
Saturday, October 16th

Markets will then be the 
1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.  

Sunday, May 30, 2021

2021 "Pirate Party" was a Success!

Our "Pirate Party" on May 29th turned out to be an absolutely
fantastically fun finale!
We had never planned a market this late into May
and we had a few concerns about the heat of the day.
But, the day was beautiful and the wind stayed at a perfect level.

Even tho it was "warm-ish" 
we did have a few ACTUAL Pirates and Mermaids visit 
while many more "hinted" at their true identity with a pirate eye patch, 
wearing an on-theme T-shirt 
...and even a couple sightings of the authentic mermaid clamshell bra.

Here is our photo album: 
Photos courtesy of Tony Ballesteros, Barb Rock, 
Mary Robson, Carol Oveross and Russ Black 

An early morning to get everything ready! 

Lots of shopping options! 
We appreciate the terrific cooperation of all of our vendors. 
This entire 2020-2021 Season was more complicated for everyone 
with complying with local protocols. 
HUGE THANKS for making this Season a Success! 

See you in October!
2021 - 2022 
Our 10th Season! 


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Season Finale to be May 29th!

Mermaid's Market (with Pirates!) in May
by Naomi Black

Can you believe we are nearing the end of the 9th season of the Mermaid's Market? 
I thought I might briefly review the history of the market and tell you what the "mermaids" have planned in the very near future!

Way back in the winter of 2011 and spring of 2012, we participated as vendors at a Farmer's Market here in Peñasco. Yet, as the fall of 2012 approached, we realized the Farmer's Market would not be returning. Russ and I began thinking about organizing a similar event. In discussing some of the obstacles that existed for the Farmer's Market, we decided that we had a very real lack of "farmers!"  The prior market had definitely attracted more artisans, artists and crafters than farmers

So, we decided to call it this new project the Mermaid's Market. It sounded a little more artsy. Besides, who knows exactly what mermaids sell - or buy for that matter! (Although, it seems as tho they must buy & sell wonderful treasures!)

We also wanted a highly visible spot. The "Shrimp Plaza" or Park was our first choice! We were absolutely thrilled to receive permission to have the park as a home for the Mermaid's Market. Through these past 9 seasons, we have worked with several administrations to renew these permits. The Mermaid's Market also benefits our local DIF organization, which gives assistance to local vulnerable families and children.

At the end of our 2nd season (April of 2014), we introduced a season finale: the Pirate and Mermaid Extravaganza. It would be a "Cajun-style New Orleans Party". This was the first time that we had food and beverages at the market. The following year, we added live music and entertainment!

In April of 2018, we began sharing the park with the Oaxaca Market each spring around the Semana Santa season and that year there was no finale party. In 2019 our finale was relocated to the far side of the park. And of course, in April of 2020 there were no group gatherings scheduled at all.

For 2021, we have redesigned our schedule and, after a brief interruption, we are happy to announce our Pirate and Mermaid Fiesta will happen! This Mermaid's Market season finale will be on Saturday, May 29th.

Our artists are definitely excited to return to the park! We will have food and drink along with live music and entertainment all day. In the spirit of New Orleans fun, the bar will be serving up Hurricanes in addition to our signature Mermaid Margaritas! There will be a few strains of Zydeco music thrown in, too. 

Are you willing to join the fun? Dress up as a Pirate or Mermaid and we will have prizes for great costumes!  We hope to see you there.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Final Event of the Season will be in May!

 For the 2020-2021 Mermaid's Market Season, we have decided to delay our final Market of the Season. 

Our original schedule for this year skipped having a market on the 1st Saturday, as this fell on the Saturday of Semana Santa. 

However, we had planned for April 17th to be 
our finale. As we approach the date, we now find the Shrimp Park/Plaza will still be hosting the Oaxacan Market (Feria). 

Therefore, we are chosing to delay our Finale Market event until May this year. 

This year, it will be a little later in the year. We are happy to announce it will be on

 Saturday, May 29th 
(the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.)  

 Will this final event of the season include any Pirate and Mermaid Shenanigans? 

. . . well, let's just say YES, start searching  for your Pirate or Mermaid costume now! 

We are excited and looking forward to the May Mermaid's Market Finale event! 

Stay tuned for more details!